CO2 valves for steel and aluminum cylinders

GCS delivers quality Sherwood CO2 valves for industrial use, beverage delivery, and any other CO2 application.

Sherwood leads the CO2 compressed-gas valve industry, offering not only precision engineering and innovative design but also extreme durability. Every valve has an extensive list of features, each engineered to deliver long-term performance and reliability.

Gas Cylinder Source is proud to carry an immense variety of high-quality CO2 valves. Valves are available for all styles of CO2 tanks;  choose your CO2 valve category below.

Aluminum is for UNF aluminum cylinder valves. We offer .750″ UNF and 1.125″ UNF sizes for aluminum tanks.

Steel is for NGT steel cylinder valves. You’ll find 3/4″ NGT, 3/4″ NGT 4OS, 3/4″ NGT 7 OS, and also 1/2″ NGT configurations for your steel tank.



CO2 Valves for Steel and Aluminum CO2 Cylinders