CGA580 – CGA677 – CGA680
Inert Gas Valves for Steel and Aluminum Inert Gas Cylinders – Argon Valves – Helium Valves – Nitrogen Valves

For precise control of any inert gas, no one beats Sherwood’s line of inert gas valves. Sherwood leads the market with its CGA580, CGA677, and CGA680 argon, helium, and nitrogen valves. Without exception, they’re the best valves available for welding shield gas and critical industrial inert gas use.

Every argon, helium, and nitrogen valve from GCS delivers precise construction, innovative design, and rigorous quality control. As a result, you get long-term durability and performance job after job.

Gas Cylinder Source carries a wide selection of CGA580, CGA677, and CGA680 inert gas valves for steel and also aluminum argon, helium, and nitrogen tanks.

Aluminum is for UNF aluminum tank valves, with .750″ and also 1.125″ UNF sized valves. Steel is for NGT steel tank valves, with 1/2″ NGT, 3/4″ NGT, 3/4″ NGT 7 OS, 3/4″  -14 NGT, 1″ NGT, and 25E valve sizes in stock for your steel inert gas tank.

Inert Gas Valves - Argon Helium Nitrogen - For Steel and Aluminum Inert Gas Tanks