25+ CGA350 valves – 3/4″ NGT .004″ oversize. 3360 and 4000 PSI. For hydrogen use.

Priced per valve, minimum order 25 valves. For single valve orders, please see the single valve product page.

Sherwood Hydrogen Valve – CGA350, 3/4″ NGT .004″ Oversize – 25+ Valves

These Sherwood hydrogen valves are made from heavy-duty forged brass and are specifically designed for use with hydrogen in steel gas cylinders. These hydrogen gas valves have a CGA350 valve outlet with a 3/4″ NGT inlet and safety (burst disk).

  • CGA350 outlet
  • 3/4″ NGT inlet .004″ oversize
  • Pressure relief device
  • Automated assembly and testing processes ensure exceptional quality
  • 100% helium leak tested
  • Heavy-duty forged brass body for durability and high pressure
  • Precisely machined internal components meet the most stringent international valve performance standards
  • Pressure Relief Device (PRD) is a unitized plug design that provides excellent flow characteristics, ensures proper assembly and tamper resistance
  • Metal-to-metal seal below bonnet threads prevents pressure in the threads at top of valve body
  • Direct-drive stem design with optimized O-ring (GV) or double O-ring (GVHM) seal reduces friction and operates at exceptionally low torque levels
  • Tapped for dip tube as required
  • Sherwood Brand: Data Sheet
  • Must be installed by a qualified cylinder technician
  • Compressed gas cylinders and valves are dangerous. Use caution.

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