Reconditioned 4 lb. Steel CO2 Cylinder

This slim reconditioned 4 lb. steel CO2 cylinder is just the right size for when space is limited. We also add a new coat of gray rust-resistant paint to your freshly refurbished carbon dioxide tank. With a 4 lb. capacity, these are a great little on-the-go cylinder to have on hand for your smaller, but just as important jobs. Reconditioned cylinders offer a price point that allows you to stock up for when business picks up. And you can rest easy knowing your reconditioned cylinder is hydro tested at a DOT-approved testing facility within 180 days of shipment.

Premium Construction

  • Reconditioned
  • High-quality steel body
  • Gray, rust-resistant painted finish
  • CGA 320 CO2 valve installed

Specifications, Testing, and Approvals

  • Approximately 4″ in diameter x 20″ in height* (with valve)
  • Weighs approximately 11 lbs
  • 1800 PSI service / 3000 PSI test pressure
  • DOT- and TC-approved
  • Hydro test within 180 days of shipment
  • 5-year retest interval
  • Applications: beverage dispensing, industrial, welding, scientific, hydroponic, aquatic, and special effects
  • Ships empty

Limited inventory!

* Please Note: All reconditioned cylinders are sourced from several manufacturers and may vary in height as much as + / – several inches. We apologize, but we are unable to take special requests at this time.

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Product note: compressed gas cylinders can be dangerous if used improperly. Please be careful, know the correct procedures for use, and exercise caution when connecting and using any compressed gas device.

Weight12 lbs
Dimensions5 × 5 × 21 in
Gas Type





Painted Gray





Service Pressure

1800 PSI / 124 bar

Test Pressure

3000 PSI / 207 bar




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