Oxygen Valves for Steel and Aluminum Cylinders

Sherwood leads the compressed gas industry with its line of CGA540 oxygen valves. They’re the only valve to choose for welding and critical industrial oxygen uses.

Every oxygen valve from GCS features precise construction, innovative design, and tough testing. As a result, you get trusted Sherwood long-term performance as well as outstanding durability.

Gas Cylinder Source carries a wide selection of CGA540 oxygen valves. Valves are available for steel and also aluminum nitrous tanks; find your category below.

Aluminum is for UNF aluminum cylinder valves. We carry .750″ and also 1.125″ UNF sized valves for aluminum tanks.

Steel is for NGT steel cylinder valves. There are 3/4″ NGT, 3/4″ NGT 4OS, and 3/4″ NGT 7 OS valve sizes in stock for your steel oxygen tank.