40 cu ft Helium Balloon Kit – Helium Cylinder + Balloon Filler Valve

When you’re ready to step up to a greater helium capacity and do a bunch more balloons, the 40 cu ft helium balloon kit is the right move.

This helium balloon kit includes our midsize 40 cubic foot helium tank plus Western Enterprises’ high-quality balloon filler valve/regulator at a discount price.

Not only will this kit fill over a hundred balloons, it lets you stop the endless “buy another helium tank” cycle. Our tanks are industrial-quality, high-performance cylinders that can be filled over and over again. You’ll buy this once, and you’re set for as many parties as you’ll ever have. It will practically pay for itself.

All cylinders ship empty. Please consult your local compressed gas supplier for filling needs.

Deluxe Latex Inflator / Balloon Filler Valve

The kit includes a premium latex inflator/filler valve and regulator. This unit is one of Western Enterprises’ best and most versatile regulators, capable of providing 38-85 PSI of helium through its rubber tip tilt valve. It handles large and small balloons with ease.


How Many Balloons Can This Cylinder Fill?

Balloon size, gas waste, temperature, and other things play a role when figuring how many balloons a cylinder can fill. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but we can provide an estimate.

Party supply stores large tanks hold 14.9 cu ft of helium and fill about 50 9″ latex balloons, while their small pre-filled cylinders hold about 8.9 cu ft of helium and fill about 30 9″ latex balloons. That works out to around 3.3 balloons per cubic foot of helium.

Our smallest tank fills more than their largest, and our largest fills four times as many balloons!

This 40 cu ft helium balloon kit will fill approximately 133 9″ balloons


Please note: all cylinders ship empty.


Find this helium balloon kit and other sized kits available on the Helium Balloon Inflation Kits page.

Additional Questions? Please see our frequently asked questions page.

Still have questions? Email us at support@gascylindersource.com.

Weight34 lbs
Dimensions29 × 8 × 8 in


Gas Type



Helium Balloon Filling




40 cu ft / 1.1 cu m


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