20 cu ft Helium Balloon Kit – Helium Cylinder + Balloon Filler Valve

Our 20 cu ft helium balloon kit is a professional and affordable (as well as refillable) way to take your balloon filling to the next level.

We’ve paired a high-quality 20 cubic foot helium cylinder with a top-quality balloon filler valve/regulator. It’s a custom balloon filling system without the custom price — you’ll save big over buying the items separately.

This 20 cu ft helium balloon kit is a great way fill a ton of balloons (as well as stop spending money on “one and done” pre-filled helium cylinders). With those, you’re paying for a cylinder that you’re going to throw away when it’s empty. This tank can be refilled over and over again at most local welding supply stores or gas fillers, for far less than buying a new tank every time.

Please Note – All cylinders ship empty. Please consult your local compressed gas supplier for filling needs.

Deluxe Latex Inflator / Balloon Filler Valve

The kit includes the Western Enterprises deluxe latex inflator / filler valve and regulator. This premium unit delivers 38-85 PSI of helium through a rubber tip tilt valve. That’s total balloon-filling flexibility for you. It also has a hand-tight connection to the helium tank, as well as a contents gauge. Easy attachment and removal, no tools required plus you’ll always know how much gas you have left!


How Many Balloons Can This Cylinder Fill?

There are quite a few variables, including different balloon sizes, potential gas waste, temperature, and other factors. Because of these, it’s impossible to know exactly how many balloons a cylinder will fill, but we can estimate.

The largest pre-filled helium tanks from party supply stores hold 14.9 cu ft of helium and fill, on average, 50 9″ latex balloons. The smallest pre-filled cylinders hold about 8.9 cu ft of helium and fill, on average, about 30 9″ latex balloons. That’s about 3.3 balloons per cubic foot of helium.

Even our smallest tank fills more than their largest. Our largest fills four times as many balloons!

This 20 cu ft helium balloon kit will fill approximately 67 9″ balloons


All Cylinder Ship Empty


Find this helium balloon kit and other sized kits available on the Helium Balloon Inflation Kits page.

Additional Questions? Please see our frequently asked questions page.

Still have questions? Email us at support@gascylindersource.com.

Weight20 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 24 in


Gas Type



Helium Balloon Filling




20 cu ft / 566 l


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