New 300 cu ft. Steel Nitrogen Cylinder with CGA580 valve

Billet Pierced cylinders are formed by forging heated billets, resulting in superior mechanical properties, including high strength and toughness, making them suitable for demanding applications. Billet Pierced cylinders are also less prone to fatigue failure due to their improved metallurgical structure. Topped off with a CGA580 valve, sage green rust resistant paint and fresh certification within 12 months of shipment, this huge cylinder will be working hard while saving you time and money.

Cylinder and valve are compatible with all inert gases – nitrogen, argon, helium, CO2/nitrogen mix, and neon.

Nitrogen can be used in HVAC applications for purging refrigerant lines and completing scale-free brazing jobs. Inert gases can be used for purging refrigerant from tubing, flowing and preventing oxidation while brazing, and pressurizing a system for leak detection or a coolant / cooling system pressure test. You’ll also find nitrogen useful for getting oil out of the way before pulling a vacuum.

Overall, you can use nitrogen for applications where you’d usually use compressed air. Anytime you work with any kind of inert gas, you need a flow meter and regulator; as opposed to a standard gauge manifold.

Gas blends containing nitrogen can increase the mechanical properties of alloys containing nitrogen and prevent pitting corrosion in welding applications.

Premium Construction

  • Durable steel construction.
  • Thick, rust stop painted walls.
  • High-quality valve installed.

Quality Features

  • 9.25″ diameter x 55.25″ height (without valve) Note: due to differences between manufacturers, cylinder height may vary slightly. 
  • DOT-3AA2400 stamped
  • TC-3AAM183 stamped
  • 2400 Service pressure
  • 4000 Test pressure
  • 2980 water capacity
  • 0.229 design wall thickness
  • Certified or hydro-tested within 12 months
  • New CGA540 valve
  •  136.69 lb. tare weight
  • Applications: Industrial, Beverage, Welding
  • Steel Cap and Collar
  • Ships empty

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Product note: compressed gas cylinders can be dangerous if used improperly. Please be careful, know the correct procedures for use, and exercise caution when connecting and using any compressed gas device.

Weight 143 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 56 in
Gas Type

Argon, Helium, Inert/Mixed, Mixed (CO2 + Nitrogen), Neon, Nitrogen




Painted, Rust Inhibitor


300 cu ft





Service Pressure

2400 PSI / 166 Bar

Tare Weight

136.69 lbs.





Thread Size

3/4" NGT


Beverage, Industrial, Welding






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